Lisbon in 4 Seasons


  • As the weather improves Lisbon's outdoors activities starts to grow. Additionally the queues for tourist attraction are still reduce which makes is a perfect timing for visiting them.
  • Additionally, the City holds one of the most exciting events, the Santo António, where many people go out and party during the night.
  • Major Events: 25th April (national holiday celebrated with parade), Portuguese Tennis Open, Lisbon's Marathon, Pilgrimage to Fatima, Night of Santo António (11th of June), Peixe em Lisboa, Indie Lisboa.


  • This is the most busy season because the weather is perfect and the city is full of natural light. During this season almost every week there is an outdoor event and with the exception of August clubbing is an excellent experience.
  • Major Events: Fashion Night Out, food fairs, Live concerts (Optimus Alive, Rock in Rio, SuperBock Super Rock), Book Fair.


  • Although off-peak Autumn usually graces the city of Lisbon with a very pleasant weather for anyone who wants to enjoy the city at lower prices and experience smaller queues.
  • During this period, especially after late October one can find many people selling roasted chestnut in the streets, go ahead and buy a small bag to snack.
  • Major Events: Restaurant Week, DocLisboa, Queer Lisboa and Arte Lisboa.


  • This season brings Christmas which in turn bring lights and decoration to the city allowing the city to glow and increase its splendor. Enjoy the low season and explore attractions that used to be full.
  • Enjoy the longer and the mild weather for having a drink and experience the night clubs in Lisbon.
  • Major Events: New year's Eve, Lisbon Fashion Week.