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Rua Augusta 1100, Lisboa, PortugalRua Augusta 1100, Lisboa, PortugalRua Augusta 1100, Lisboa, Portugal


If the Alfama district of Lisbon managed to escape the awful Great Earthquake of 1755, the same was not true for Baixa. To put it bluntly, it virtually disappeared. Not all was lost though, because out of the disaster came good planning through the Pombaline Baixa model, perhaps one of the first anti-seismic concepts in the world. The district faced a complete rebuild after the destructive earthquake. Moreover, the town planners devised a new planning model that seemed quite futuristic – apart from the earthquake-tolerant construction methods, the layout also followed a grid, where buildings and streets followed design protocols. Baixa - an area downtown from central Lisbon – had very recently a spectacular urban renewal upgrade. Because the good news keep on coming your biggest trouble here is the choice: Monuments, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels… and plenty! You will be hard-pressed to find a better area in which to base yourself as you set out to explore Lisbon in all its grandeur. With loads of fascinating opportunities on offer, all you need do is indulge yourself.